théâtre français


I always enjoyed theatre, even more with a nice glass of wine and a friend.
So saturday night we went to Tinta Roja to see the one woman show of Péronelle with Marianne B. Boileau.
Haven’t been to a French one in years, because I was disappointed by the French theatre I saw in Barcelona.
But Peronnelle was looking like an interesting funny act, maybe a chance to like French theatre again…

The story : “Péronnelle is the naive girl with a well hung tongue.
Language. Talk. Sing. Sing? Learn?
How does it work?
How to tame his art when the head says right but the body responds left, that fear gnaws the entrails as soon as the sound comes out, that shame floods with the slightest intimate gesture.

I have to say, she’s got a great voice, in fact she’s singing maybe half of the time.
She managed to make me laugh, so that’s good.
On the not so good side, I didn’t really managed to connect with the character, I didn’t really managed to feel her pain, doubt or joy.
I could see she was having fun on stage, but it didn’t touch me.
I felt like she stayed on the surface of the feelings of the character, hiding being the music and the exercises but not sharing what was really touching her.

People looked like they had a nice time, but I heard a few people talk about how they would have love for her to go further in some explanation, like the body map of how voice and breath is working.
Still was the best French piece I saw in Barcelona in almost 14 years.