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What would you say to your younger self ?

Message to the young me
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What would I say to “young me” ?
If you have ever watched “Ru Paul Drag race”,  you saw him pop the question to the finalist in every season.
When you’re at a place like that, coming from so far away , it’s a good time to come back on what you did in your life, having a little reflexion before you go for your next great battle.
Now, I’m kind of a point like that. I’ve been with Vivelesrondes for the last 18 years, I’m changing my life now, this a special moment so maybe it’s time to look back to be even stonger for the future,

Here I am, young Anne, maybe 4 years old, running and enjoying the summer with total innocence.

This is what I would like to tell to the young me :

Anne, never stop running !
People are going to try to stop you, control you, hurt you, use you, make you feel like you’re nothing !
That’s life, don’t be mad at them, I know you won’t, they are the sad ones missing something.
Be careful with boys, a lot of them will just be interesting in your body, they will try to make you believe something else, they will use your weakness to have you, some will hurt you badly. I wish someone would explain that to you when time come, you’re precious, you have so much to offer, be patient.
Trust your gut, your instinct is really good.

It will be hard sometimes, especially all the time when people are going to use your kindness to abuse you, or just say something mean. You haven’t done anything wrong.
There will be time you feel they might be true, especially when it comes to your body, your difficulties in sport, when you will heard what some adults are saying about you in school. This will make you feel like a looser who can’t achieved anything important.
First, know there’s a medical reason when you’re out of breath, it’s not your fault.
About the adult, they don’t know what they are talking about, they clearly can’t see the future. You can do whatever you put your heart into and the future will prove it.

Anne, you’re strong, you’re resilient, you’re creative and most important of all you are loved.
There will be time when you won’t see that love, you will feel abandoned.
Just know that people can sometimes have difficulties to express how they feel, being away doesn’t always mean they don’t love you.

There will be time you will feel like you should just stop fighting, that nothing good will ever come from you and for you, never stop believe in yourself.
You’re an amazing little girl, so full of life and ideas, so generous and kind.
Don’t give your trust to easily, protect yourself because no one will do it for you, reach out and talk to your loved ones. I know it’s hard, door will be closed a long time but do it as long as it take to open those fucking door.
You are right in what you think, so keep believing.

Be proud of you, of what you will be able to accomplish cause you will do so much !
Maybe work harder at school, just show them what you can do.
Never stop running, fighting and spreading joy around you.
You have so much value, I wish people would tell you that now.
I love you, believe in you because you can change the world !

5 years old me in L'Estartit

And you, what would you say to your younger self?


  1. This is resonating with me. Everyone should do a little work on their inner child. The first part of that being that question: What would you say to her/him/them? Eloquently written. More please ! Besitos j

    • Thank you so much for your comment and your support 😀

      Some people think we should let the past where it is, in a way I agree.
      But there’s some moment when looking back is the good thing to do, not to live in the past, but to know more about ourself and grow stronger.