Anne Stolbowsky


We can say one thing about 2020, it has pushed us, pushed us, forced us to think outside the box … and I could easily criticize and blame this year, but that would be missing the point.

2020 was the year I saw support like never before!
Unknown neighbors, who are no longer unknown.
You here and on Curvylink,who had continued to support the website, while we could no longer organize events.
Close or distant friends who have been an important moral support.
Family. that has been at my side, doing everything possible to help me, continue with my projects in a world blocked …

I did not expect to receive that much love and support, in words as in deeds.

Yes, 2020 was tough, like many, I also lost, grief struck, my life changed dramatically and I had to, like you, show resilience and also renew myself.
But now, at the dawn of a new year, I don’t want to leave with only the negative.
2020 was the year of change, painful change yes but this is often the case for most transformations.

So bye bye 2020, You will always be part of our evolution, hopefully so we can be a better version of ourself.

Come on, we’ll be back in 2021 and I hope that 2021 will be a year of balance, joy, hope, health and sharing.

I wish you a great 2021

Do you wake up with music ?
Sometimes I like a quiet morning, with silence but most of the time I love to have music to fuel my life and give me energy.
Living in Barcelona is a great chance for music lovers, there is so many options, live concert in the street, open mic all the time, all those neighborhood fiesta, big festivals, large concert hall … you can listen to live music all year long whatever the music you like.
Even if you are broke like me, there is always options, with free concert and other subsidized by the city.
Ok, sometimes venue are not so great, sounds is not so pleasant and artists are not even payed to perform there music…

Can you imagine that, musicians, singers, sometimes with their own songs are payed with one to 3 drinks, but nothing to pay the hard work, the bills and the rent.
Still they will share their art because most of them love music so much they don’t even mind not earning a cent.

Fortunately, some music lovers decided to changes things, after all people can pay 15€ to go see theatre or comedy, 150€ or more to listen to well known singer or groups, 50€ for cooking classes … So maybe there’s a way to help talented artists and give us the opportunity to have a great experience for a few bucks.
That’s when come Front Page News Barcelona who organize great concert and the wherever sessions.
Where can you go to have live music but with a really small crowd

It’s almost like having a private concert at home.
I’ve been to the first session a few weeks ago, it was in a studio recording in Poble Nou, the kind of place I wouldn’t been able to go to usually.

It was so nice to be so close to the artist, small exclusive crowd with a maximum of 40 people, really intimate … like I said, you feel almost as weel as if you were at home, but with another view and more space than most of b Barcelona flats.
I was touch when talking with the first artist Edu Quindos, to see how sincere he is with his approach of music, how moved he was to have shared his songs with us, that’s not the kind of experience you can have in the others shows.

When the second artist Joel Feeney started, I was sitting next to a good friend of him, and god she loves his music, she radiated with such positive vibe, it was infectious 😀
And surprised, original lyrics that makes me laugh, suddenly there was a woman playing violon with him…
Was really a great night and a good way to help artist for 8€ (online) and a drink.

So of course, I will go to next session, it is this saturday 16 at 20h in the heart of Barcelona : WhereverSessions – Recorded Intimate Live Concerts – Barcelona

You will be able to meet Henry Semler

And also the lovely and talented Judith Selena

I never heard any of these artist, but hey, it’s a great way to discover them 😀

See you saturday 😉
Tickets here : WhereverSessions – Recorded Intimate Live Concerts – Barcelona

More events on Front page news Bcn here

“You are what you eat”, the first time I heard this I think it was in the serie Who’s the Boss?, and like Angela Bower I wanted to be a chocolate cake.

So when Filippo Ioco asked me if I would agree to model for him and to be turned into a muffin for his personal project Fun with foods, I had to accept the challenge.

Filippo is an international well known artist, is also in my circle of friend, so I knew I was going to be in good hands for my first time being a naked model and being body paint.

For this first time, Filippo turned me into a cannabis muffin, but if you ask me, I will tell you I was a matcha muffin lol
No problem with cannabis, but I don’t know how it taste and I love matcha in pastries.

After painting me and taking a few picture, the image is passing into photoshop to be more transformed, and this is the final result.

It was really strange for me to see that picture, I’m note used of seing me naked, painted and in that position.
Hopefully, it will be Instagram and facebook approved as you don’t see any intimate part, just the curve of my ass.

I had to admit, at first, it was hard for me to share this image.
For one part, I was really proud to have done it.
For another part, I was naked, showing my body as a muffin, not the pauses I’m used too, I felt vulnerable.
I supposed most of the people are feeling like that at first, after all, behind the muffin, I’m only human.

Can you find me in the picture ?

To see more of Filippo Ioco art : Ioco body art

To be followed, with another body painting coming during this winter …

I always enjoyed theatre, even more with a nice glass of wine and a friend.
So saturday night we went to Tinta Roja to see the one woman show of Péronelle with Marianne B. Boileau.
Haven’t been to a French one in years, because I was disappointed by the French theatre I saw in Barcelona.
But Peronnelle was looking like an interesting funny act, maybe a chance to like French theatre again…

The story : “Péronnelle is the naive girl with a well hung tongue.
Language. Talk. Sing. Sing? Learn?
How does it work?
How to tame his art when the head says right but the body responds left, that fear gnaws the entrails as soon as the sound comes out, that shame floods with the slightest intimate gesture.

I have to say, she’s got a great voice, in fact she’s singing maybe half of the time.
She managed to make me laugh, so that’s good.
On the not so good side, I didn’t really managed to connect with the character, I didn’t really managed to feel her pain, doubt or joy.
I could see she was having fun on stage, but it didn’t touch me.
I felt like she stayed on the surface of the feelings of the character, hiding being the music and the exercises but not sharing what was really touching her.

People looked like they had a nice time, but I heard a few people talk about how they would have love for her to go further in some explanation, like the body map of how voice and breath is working.
Still was the best French piece I saw in Barcelona in almost 14 years.

Sharing amazing pictures of body we’re not used to see is something I do on a daily base with Vivelesrondes , the number of time an amazing picture was censored just because there was a little too much of skin is countless.
I’m not even talking about naked picture, nop, just a picture with some skin out protunding a pair of shorts is already too much.

We can see countless accounts that shouldn’t be authorized without parental supervision, but art, but a plus size body seem to be scandalous.

The 29 of october, for the international internet day, a protest was organized on Instagram with hashtag #EveryBODYVisible

If you have ever been censored for a picture that was not even showing a nipple or some intimate body part, you know the feeling.
Anger, misunderstanding, shame, indignation … and only silence to answer. Your image have been banned for not respecting the rules of the community when you did respect it to the letter.

When our bodies, our selves, our passions, our work, our lives are hidden or deleted because they ‘may not meet community guidelines’ we are shamed and silenced.
Being different gets you banished?
This message is dangerous to our youth.
We are challenging it, together.”

Thousands of people posted picture, tagging instagram’s chiefs to be sure that even with censorship, those to whom this event is addressed wouldn’t be able to say “they didn’t know” !
@Guyro .

Of course, you won’t be able to see most of those instagram post, because as other hashtag before it has already been shadow banned !
But you can read some of the stories of discrimination for just being different on everybodyvisible website.

This is the story of accounts deleted with no way to speak with Instagram. Some of theses accounts were at 188K followers.
Pole dance or curvy hashtags blocked, dancers, athletes, fitness professionals, trans, LGBT, yogis, disability activits, feminist, sex and birth educators, photographers, artist, body positive advocate… are been silenced every day !

Don’t you think all all sizes, all shapes, all colors, all bodies should be allowed to express themselves.
Guidelines should be the same for all.

As Dirty Martini and Dita Von Tees said :
We request clear guidelines, equally-applied ‘community standards’, right of appeal, and an urgent review into algorithmic bias disproportionately affecting the visibility of women, femme-presenting people, LGBTQIA folx, people of color, sex workers, dancers, athletes, fitness fans, artists, photographers & body-positive Instagram users.⁣

What do you want ?

I just had to go there, but a big manifestation was between me and the place I needed to go to, cutting all circulation and my means of transportation.
I’m a positive thinker, I do believe than faith in yourself and life can change things. So when it was the time to go, I put on my sneakers, in case I had to walk a lot or run, and I went to my bus stop.
I didn’t really believe I could go all the way by bus, but maybe, at least a few stops.
And here it was, the bus was there, I couldn’t believe it, I even send a picture to a friend just to show her the impossible sometimes happen.

It didn’t stop there. While in the bus the driver announced us she could go down only two stops, so I said to her “hey it’s already two stops, and who knows, maybe by the time we are there, they will clear up more of the avenue”.
She smiles, didn’t believing in it. But a few second before we came to the last stop, radio called her and told we could go one stop more.

So I said to her “That’s great, imagine they managed to clear everything as we go along the avenue”, she laugh and said there was no way we could make it till the end of the line.
I believe in positive thinking and hope, you have nothing to lose when you believe, I’m prepared to walk but imagine how great it will be if we can go all the way”, she laughed, and we started talking about other things.

As we moved forward, all the avenue cleared up, as I was hoping, stop after stop. She couldn’t believe in it, we were the first one passing after the manifestation and the cleaning team.

When we finally make it to my stop, she gave me a really big nice smile and told me she was going to try things my way.
So not only I managed to do what I wanted, I made someone smile and I gave her the inspiration to try to a positive mindset : win – win – win 😀

Positive thinking and hoping is not just waiting for things to happen, not just praying while doing nothing.
For this to work, you have to do your part too and be open, act, move and put everything in your power in place for the things to go your way.
You also have to be able to find another way, if it doesn’t work as you prefer, be hopeful and prepared !

This happened to me saturday, it shoes so well the importance of the mindset you decice to choose for yourself and how it is a great part of your success.
Positive thinking do work ! Because when you take a chance with yourself, you take a risk and it makes things happen !
So be positive, it could lead further than you expect 😉

Are you already using positive thinking ? Will you give it a try ?

Avocado is so good, tasty and healthy, got plenty of vitamins C, E, K. It’s good for digestion, for your heart, for your skin, for helping getting down bad cholesterol .. the list is so long it’s impressive.
Also, it’s the perfect substitute for baking when you have some vegan friend you just want to try something different.

So, we were talking about sweet recipes with avocado on Facebook, and it turned out I asked Stéphanie Ford to make one for us when she was having the Bcn bakers meetup.
Sadly the event doesn’t exist anymore but I did keep all the recipe and still use them.
So this special request was a recipe vegan friendly, so no eggs, no butter, no milk … but still so incredibly good, thanks to the avocado.
You should be able to bake 15 cupcakes more or less.

Have you ever realized that every where you look, media always impose on us one body type to be THE body type we should all have.
Billboards, tv commercial, magazine … all young, thin and most of the time photoshoply flawless !
Yes but that’s not the reality, size acceptance and body positive activist like myself have tried to break this diktat for decades now, and it’s finally starting to crack a little.

Yes, juste a little, because diversity is not yest the new normal, body positivity is not yet something so well spread that some brand doesn’t feel the need to try to use it for the buzz even if they don’t understand it.

The good thing, is that we start to see people of all sizes, color and ages in some campaign, that’s huge and hopefully it will intensify.
So what’s out there for now ? I found 35 commercials from the last years and here they are.

Be careful, those videos might as well change your view on beauty and boost your self esteem !