Anne Stolbowsky


What would I say to “young me” ?
If you have ever watched “Ru Paul Drag race”,  you saw him pop the question to the finalist in every season.
When you’re at a place like that, coming from so far away , it’s a good time to come back on what you did in your life, having a little reflexion before you go for your next great battle.
Now, I’m kind of a point like that. I’ve been with Vivelesrondes for the last 18 years, I’m changing my life now, this a special moment so maybe it’s time to look back to be even stonger for the future,

Here I am, young Anne, maybe 4 years old, running and enjoying the summer with total innocence.

This is what I would like to tell to the young me :

As girl, teenager, woman, we tend to feel insecure about our image and beauty, make up has easily became The instant fix, allowing us to fake something we considered as a pretty face, playing the game of apparences, never really facing our insecurities.

Make up as been a part of my life since I was maybe 13 or 14 years old. Even before for the danse show and carnaval.
But it really all started with a mascara, an easy way to open my eyes that I always found too small.
My love for make up was already there.
Maybe I loved too much carnaval ?Maybe I found it a good way to hide all my insecurities ?
Maybe I just saw a new way to express myself, some sort of art ?
Maybe I just wanted to look like the girl in the magazine.
Honestly, I think it really was a bit of everything, and it’s ok, as long as you can also live without makeup !
But it wasn’t always the case.

Hey nice people, I’m going back on stage for my second time doing story telling in english. It will be at Pub Limerick, this thursday 23 may at 21:30

The first time, I was so scared that I forget to record myself, but yes I’m still going to do it again, and yes I’m still scared.
So why ?
Well, first of all because the people who listen to me looked like they had a good time, the feedback at the break was really positif, it made me feel like I might have help people, and that’s the ultime goal for me !

So here I go again, with a all new story.
I will need your support so join, also the place is really nice and they have really good beers, included belgium beers.

The event : Poetry & Storytelling Barcelona Open mic
Where : Nuevo Pub Limerick – Carrer del Bruc, 55, 08009 Barcelona

Hello and welcome to my new blog Anne and Friends.

After 18 years, writing on, a French website about self esteem and plus size fashion, I created with my old friend David Stern, it’s time for me to go for a change.

Well a change, not completely…
On this new blog, I will talk in English and in French, I will talk about my life in Barcelona, about expatriation, body positivity and plus size fashion as well.
Oh and wait, that’s not all, I will also share some videos, some interviews with talented people from all around the world.

The blog still need some work, I need to get up to date with my video skills but it’s coming together.

See you soon on the blog, meanwhile you can follow me on Instagram here and here, on Facebook and soon subscribed to my newsletter, yes all of it, why not.

Once again welcome, so happy to start this new adventure 😀