15 artists, creative people and artisans from Barcelona to love #madeinbarcelona

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Barcelona is a big city full of creative minds.
In fact, here it’s a little bit like a bottle of cava, bubbly, fun, joyful and plenty of new ideas every day.

So what will you find here ?
Creative people in art, fashion, decoration, shops … all made in Barcelona because it’s important to support Local creativity and also, why not buy local when you can.
It’s easy to like when it’s made with love.

I personally hand picked everyone in this list, no partenariat, just things I like and wanted to share with you guys.

Are you ready for a full dose of good vibes ? Here it comes 🙂

1. Todavia Handmade

Illustrations, post cards, tote bags, tee-shirts, jewelry, here what you will find here.
If you’re lucky you’ll might run into her in one of the mercadillos of the city.
I couldn’t resist to her colorful art, got already some earrings and tote bags from her
Oh, also, she’s really nice and got friendly price.
Go shake it out 😉

2. Gold Finder Barcelona

Life is serious enough to not take it too seriously.
So “poetic resin jewelry” it is and I do have my eyes on the cloud and also all those funny rings with little people in it. You might have never thought of it, but just wearing one of those imaginative jewelry could bring smile around you, giving a smile to yourself or someone else is a good goal.

3. Bronik art

Be aware, you could run into her art anywhere in Barcelona, because Bronik is a great street artist. She lives in a colorful world of graffiti, but you kind also find her art on other support, she can even make customized item.
Acrilics on canvas or skateboard, illustrations, prints, tote bag, serigrafie, make your choice.

4. Thembe Fashions

Had the chance to met with this talented young stylist in GOI events.
Philissa Williams makes dress that are following the curves of your body, instead of most designers who wants our bodies to adapt to their creation.
90% of her creation are hand sew
The style she create is for sexy and confident woman who like to be just themselves, and if you want to see how easy it is to be beautiful in those dress but still be able to move as you want, just go see Tori Sparks in concert.

5. La variété

Lighting, wood wall hook, baskets, bag XL, pots, vases … there is so much to love here.
So if you like nordic natural design, bohĂšmes or even minimalist, just have a look.
The shop is in The Raval, but you can also buy online.

6. Imakiro

Have you ever think about all the things you can do with paper ?
Think again 😉
Postcards, home decor mobile, lighting …. and everything with a touch of poetry, warmth and a lot of origami.
Nice for the youngest, a gift and also for your own home.

7. Hiloverde bag

Bags, bags, bags hand made by Laura Garcia.
She learn by herself, they are one of a kind and she can also personalized for you.

8. Hygge brand

Hygge is the act of feeling in complete comfort in a space and with one’s self; you often see this in guest rooms and hotels for the “home away from home” feel“, this is a Danish word a state of peace and well being and that what they want to share in those t-shirts, tote bag and illustrations.
Also, it’s 100% hand made, cruelty free, eco and slow fashion, with a touch of feminism.

9. Kokua

Imagine a shop where you can find ballerinas in every colors you can think of, confortable, from size 35 up to a real 43.
This dream I had for a long time as been made possible by this family business, with handcrafted production in Barcelona, now they have 5 stores in Barcelona, as much as I’ve got pairs of ballerinas from them in my dressing.
They have so many option it’s hard to choose. Price is a little high but from my experience quality and confort are here, so it’s worth it.

10. Lilula

Bags again and backpacks, so many choice and not just girly things.
Her pictures and products just will make you want to travel.

11. Pompilio plants

Fun ceramic and plants, to brings joy into your home
Also, price are friendly.
You can find their products in 9 shops in Barcelona, 5 more in Cataluña and even worldwide in place like Paris, Gent, Bruxelles, Dublin, Leipzig… and on line.

12. Giuliasa Gramola

Giulia Sagramola is doing body positive art, humor, sketches ans sometimes you can even find her products on t-shirt or pillows for example.
Just so cute, and perfect for dogs lover.
Shop is in maintenance for now.

13. Silbando bajito ceramics

Boring white plates and mugs … it’s over.
Welcome in a new world when you’re guest will talk about what they have in their plates even before the food comes. In fact those could hand up on you’re wall as decoration
If you like sweet design, juste have a look.

14. Fili Plaza

Inspired by nature, Fili Plaza is making jewelry and even got the honorific “Rosa de plata” from Barcelona and other prices for her wonderful work.
More than jewelry, every piece is like a sculpture, a work of art, and it’s for man and woman.

15. Infinit Barcelona

One dress, 30 colors, so many ways to wear it.
The concept as been pushed with different kind of infinite dress, a body and a jumpsuit.
They tend to show those dress as a perfect possibilities for bridesmaids, but it’s also perfect for everyday life.

Which one is your favorite ?
Missing someone ? Tell us 😉

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