“You are what you eat”, the first time I heard this I think it was in the serie Who’s the Boss?, and like Angela Bower I wanted to be a chocolate cake.

So when Filippo Ioco asked me if I would agree to model for him and to be turned into a muffin for his personal project Fun with foods, I had to accept the challenge.

Filippo is an international well known artist, is also in my circle of friend, so I knew I was going to be in good hands for my first time being a naked model and being body paint.

For this first time, Filippo turned me into a cannabis muffin, but if you ask me, I will tell you I was a matcha muffin lol
No problem with cannabis, but I don’t know how it taste and I love matcha in pastries.

After painting me and taking a few picture, the image is passing into photoshop to be more transformed, and this is the final result.

It was really strange for me to see that picture, I’m note used of seing me naked, painted and in that position.
Hopefully, it will be Instagram and facebook approved as you don’t see any intimate part, just the curve of my ass.

I had to admit, at first, it was hard for me to share this image.
For one part, I was really proud to have done it.
For another part, I was naked, showing my body as a muffin, not the pauses I’m used too, I felt vulnerable.
I supposed most of the people are feeling like that at first, after all, behind the muffin, I’m only human.

Can you find me in the picture ?

To see more of Filippo Ioco art : Ioco body art

To be followed, with another body painting coming during this winter …

Sharing amazing pictures of body we’re not used to see is something I do on a daily base with Vivelesrondes , the number of time an amazing picture was censored just because there was a little too much of skin is countless.
I’m not even talking about naked picture, nop, just a picture with some skin out protunding a pair of shorts is already too much.

We can see countless accounts that shouldn’t be authorized without parental supervision, but art, but a plus size body seem to be scandalous.

The 29 of october, for the international internet day, a protest was organized on Instagram with hashtag #EveryBODYVisible

If you have ever been censored for a picture that was not even showing a nipple or some intimate body part, you know the feeling.
Anger, misunderstanding, shame, indignation … and only silence to answer. Your image have been banned for not respecting the rules of the community when you did respect it to the letter.

When our bodies, our selves, our passions, our work, our lives are hidden or deleted because they ‘may not meet community guidelines’ we are shamed and silenced.
Being different gets you banished?
This message is dangerous to our youth.
We are challenging it, together.”

Thousands of people posted picture, tagging instagram’s chiefs to be sure that even with censorship, those to whom this event is addressed wouldn’t be able to say “they didn’t know” !
@Guyro .

Of course, you won’t be able to see most of those instagram post, because as other hashtag before it has already been shadow banned !
But you can read some of the stories of discrimination for just being different on everybodyvisible website.

This is the story of accounts deleted with no way to speak with Instagram. Some of theses accounts were at 188K followers.
Pole dance or curvy hashtags blocked, dancers, athletes, fitness professionals, trans, LGBT, yogis, disability activits, feminist, sex and birth educators, photographers, artist, body positive advocate… are been silenced every day !

Don’t you think all all sizes, all shapes, all colors, all bodies should be allowed to express themselves.
Guidelines should be the same for all.

As Dirty Martini and Dita Von Tees said :
We request clear guidelines, equally-applied ‘community standards’, right of appeal, and an urgent review into algorithmic bias disproportionately affecting the visibility of women, femme-presenting people, LGBTQIA folx, people of color, sex workers, dancers, athletes, fitness fans, artists, photographers & body-positive Instagram users.⁣

What do you want ?