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Have you ever look for “stretctmarks” in a search engine ?
The first result usually is not a definition or a scientific explination, the first result is “Stretch marks: How to get rid of them …“, then “How to reduce strech marks“.
Stretchmarks are usually shown as a flaw, an horrible failure, something you absolutely have to eradicate !
Pharmacetical industry has so much interest to make us think that stretchmarks are evil and must be hated, treated and eliminitated at any price, really almost any with cream that are 30€ and up to 50€ for 15g, you can imagine how much money they can make with our complexe.

Little reminder: Stretch marks can affect both men and women, in any part of the body, at any age.
These are in fact “scars” caused by the rupture of elastic fibres and collagen of the dermis (deep part of the skin).
Genetics, skin quality, age, tobacco, weight variation, pregnancy, stress and cortisol production… the causes are multiple and can very well affect thin young people contrary to urban beliefs.

– Se pourrir la vie pour quelques marques sur le corps juste parce que la société préfère nous voir occuper à complexer parce qu’on ne ressemble pas au modèle irréaliste et lisse qu’on nous présente.
– Accepter ces marques sur notre corps, ces stries qui tatouent notre corps naturellement et quelque part montre l’histoire de notre corps. Voir ses marques de guerrier(re)s qui ont combattu(e)s comme celles de tigre(sse)s, ne plus ressentir le besoin de les cacher et passer à autre chose.

So yes, you can even use moisturizers in prevention, but there’s no guarantee that it will avoid them.

So all of us are likely to have stretch marks at some point, once they’re there, there are no real solutions to make them go away.

So now you’ve got two possibilities :
– Hurt yourself for a few marks on your body just because society prefers us to be busy hating our bodies because we don’t look like the unrealistic and smooth model we’re presented with.
– Accepting these marks on our bodies, these striations that tattoo ourself naturally and somewhere shows the history of our body. See his warriors marks that have fought like tigers, no longer feel the need to hide them and move on.

Here are 20 photos and illustrations on Instagram that will help you love your stretch marks: