As girl, teenager, woman, we tend to feel insecure about our image and beauty, make up has easily became The instant fix, allowing us to fake something we considered as a pretty face, playing the game of apparences, never really facing our insecurities.

Make up as been a part of my life since I was maybe 13 or 14 years old. Even before for the danse show and carnaval.
But it really all started with a mascara, an easy way to open my eyes that I always found too small.
My love for make up was already there.
Maybe I loved too much carnaval ?Maybe I found it a good way to hide all my insecurities ?
Maybe I just saw a new way to express myself, some sort of art ?
Maybe I just wanted to look like the girl in the magazine.
Honestly, I think it really was a bit of everything, and it’s ok, as long as you can also live without makeup !
But it wasn’t always the case.