new blog


Hello and welcome to my new blog Anne and Friends.

After 18 years, writing on Vivelesrondes.com, a French website about self esteem and plus size fashion, I created with my old friend David Stern, it’s time for me to go for a change.

Well a change, not completely…
On this new blog, I will talk in English and in French, I will talk about my life in Barcelona, about expatriation, body positivity and plus size fashion as well.
Oh and wait, that’s not all, I will also share some videos, some interviews with talented people from all around the world.

The blog still need some work, I need to get up to date with my video skills but it’s coming together.

See you soon on the blog, meanwhile you can follow me on Instagram here and here, on Facebook and soon subscribed to my newsletter, yes all of it, why not.

Once again welcome, so happy to start this new adventure 😀